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About Us

What is Accel Music?

We are a team of musicians and music enthusiasts who understand the needs and challenges faced by fellow musicians. There are far too many apps and sites in the world created with little passion in music, and frankly no experience in development. Having the right sources and tools to focus on practicing the craft is an incredibly important part of growing as a musician. Musicians should only have to focus on what they do best: making music. 

That’s why we developed Accel Music, our website and app development partnership, to meet the obstacles faced by students and experienced musicians alike. Our desktop application, AMPS, offers a wide range of features that grant you the ability to customize your virtual rehearsal space. We provide all the necessities of a traditional musical workspace – such as the tuner, metronome, recorder, and music stand – incorporating them into a digital platform to create a more modern, easily accessible, flexible application.

One of our biggest goals is to create a community of musicians who can share their skills and stories with other musicians looking to improve their skills. That’s why we created our blog and interview panel, filled with real stories, advice, and expertise from interviews we conduct regularly with experienced musicians.

We are constantly working to improve and expand our platform, and welcome all constructive feedback and suggestions from our users. 

Thank you for choosing Accel Music as your go-to rehearsal space. We look forward to helping you reach your musical goals.

Our Team

Berkan M.

Co-founder, Lead Developer, Marketing

Evan K.

Co-founder, Outreach, Marketing

Start practicing properly today.

Download AMPS from the Accel Music store or downloads page.

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