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Musician Interviews – Seohyun Hwang

Seohyun Hwang

Violin winner of the WMEA State Solo & Ensemble Contest 2021

In the following, we will be interviewing Mr. Hwang (Class of ’25), who studies under Professor Ron Patterson

Hi Seohyun. Thanks for taking the time to do this quick interview. To start things off, what first got you into playing the violin?

Hwang: “I got into playing the violin because my mom connected me with her friend who is a professional violinist. I love working with my teachers but the violin is such a frustrating instrument. What kept me going is the diverse range of sound that the violin can produce in order to make music.”

What is your favorite part of being a musician? What’s your least favorite?

Hwang: “My favorite part is having the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded musicians and to have fun making music if done right (with progress and passion).”

What is the most memorable moment you have of your musical career?

Hwang: “Tuning on stage in front of the audience when I could’ve done it backstage.”

Have you ever taught music to someone else, if not, would you consider it in the future?

Hwang: “I have casually given comments to my peers now and then, sometimes for a long period of time. However, I have never formally instructed. I will consider it in the future.”

Finally, if you weren’t playing an instrument, what would you be doing?

Hwang: “If I weren’t playing an instrument, I would probably be more invested in engineering and I’m already inclined in entrepreneurship anyway. All three require great proficiency, drive, multi-dimensionality, taste/personality, a sharp mind, and high standards.”

Evergreen Philharmonic – Tzigane, Concert Rhapsody for Violin (M. Ravel) – Seohyun Hwang

For more information, visit Seohyun’s Instagram at @seokuchen07

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