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The most versatile solution for musicians needing a better way to practice, right in your workspace.

Stylish & minimal design

We made sure to give you all the necessary tools, keeping our design as convenient as we could.

Packed with features and tools

Our practice app platform comes loaded with essentials in a flexible design providing a freely movable, automatically restructuring workspace.

Made for students and professionals

Our app is designed to suit educators, professionals, and students of all ages and skill levels. No matter where you’re at, we’re here to give you the tools to grow as a musician.

Auditory Support

Practice Studio provides many side-by-side auditory and visual tools to bolster your productivity.

Practice Tracking

Tracking your practice has never been easier with our Practice Log tool, tracking your daily practice time and activity as you work. (In development)


Practice Studio currently supports all devices running Windows 8 to 11, with support for other platforms coming soon.

Next-level practice experience

Integrate all the elements of traditional practice into your new digital workspace with Practice Studio.

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AMPS for Web and Desktop

The application available natively on Windows or instantly online, AMPS creates a sleek workflow for musicians and provides all the essentials in one flexible place. So you can record your own music, play accompaniment tracks, flip through sheet music, and track your practice time all at once.

Metronome Widget

Take advantage of our small yet useful metronome tool equipped with different beat sound effects and a large range of tempos.

Tuner Fork

Our Tuner Fork has a wide range of octaves and a scale of pitches that allow you to tune and train your ear to any note.

Recording Studio

With a cool-color-themed sine wave animation alongside an active audio recording tool, you can record and save many audio clips as you practice.


Practice in a more customized workspace and the environment by applying different wallpapers, themes, and layouts.

Music Workspace

Upload sheet music and accompanying audio tracks to build a responsive auditory and visual practice environment for yourself.

Practice Log

Track your progress with the Practice Log tool, which logs the pieces you play and graphs the time you practice, showing your progress throughout the week.


Beta releases of any future versions of the practice app can be found here.

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